We are considering looking at some properties that are not so near the coast. That way during hurricane season we do not have to uproot again. It will not be for a few months or so anyway. That means we will probably give a lot to charity not to have to move it. I would be tempted to leave all non personal property and just start over at the new residence. Start a whole new life so to speak.

We almost went out and almost bought a new computer. The new machines are so fast. We managed to resist the urge this time. With the thought of moving, We can wait on any major purchases for now.

I am kind of letting go of spending so much time on computers and trying to learn more about science and electronics. It is so awesome what you can do with just household items.

The other thing I am most interested in is cooking. I have always wanted to own my own restaurant. I have spent quite a bit of time on leaning how to make many simple dishes. We made homemade ice cream this last week. It was so good!! Maybe at the new location restaurants are something we can look into with no particular plans or intent to get involved.

Oh well, that iis it for now.