What If Proprietary Interests were in charge of the culinary industry? Let us examine how that might play out.

No home would be allowed to have a kitchen unless you paid a special licensing fee to have one. Even if you did have a licenses kitchen, you would only be able to used reheat pre-prepared foods such as a tv dinner or the like. If you paid for an additional license you would be allowed to prepare meals from boxed such food as pancake mixes. Nothing could be made from scratch with out paying additional licenses each time you prepared a meal. Not only that, if you prepare meals for more than one person or allowed by the current license an additional license for each person would be needed. You would also have to pay a license fee for using each recipe each time you used it for each person.

Now if you do not own a kitchen, you would have to eat out all the time. You could only eat at places where they had licenses. If you ate there you could not be sure the food was cooked or what it was, because you would have to wear a blindfold to eat. IF you wanted to make sure the food was edible you would have to hire someone to watch what you were eating and to have access to the kitchen to re-prepare food to be sure it was safe and edible. If you wanted to have the food cooked a special way, that would be near impossible with paying for an executive chef specifically trained to cook your meal. Salt, pepper, and such items would be extra to the cost of the meal. In fact you could not play for a whole meal, you would have to pay for each dish separately at a higher cost. If you wanted a waitress or waiter, you would have pay a big tip whether they did anything at all or not… How would you know as you are blindfolded unless you hired someone else as you partake of the meal. if for some reason the meal was good, you be expected to pay future payments for the meal benefitting you after you left the restaurant.

Lastly, If you were able to build your own hidden kitchen, you could cook food from scratch. Even though you prepared the the recipes and the meal yourself, you would still be liable for license fees because you would be accused of stealing recipes of the restaurants and and pre-prepared food makers and for not having a chef license. That is even if the recipe was in the family for years before the restaurants came into business. But at least you would know that the food was prepared correctly and that you did not have to eat with a blindfold on or have to hire someone to make sure the food was prepared correctly or as you like. Last of all you would be your own waiter/waitress. You would also continually get bad mouthed because your kitchen would be said to be to hard to use and not as good or compatible as a proprietary kitchen..