Some of my favorite recipes that come from the past:

Basic bread recipe though our varies a bit. you could use the same method to make foccacia and or pizza dough. It taste ten times better than any non-Italian pizzeria.

Peanut butter:
Grind (toasted or untoasted) peanuts (without the shells) and slowly add olive (or your favorite salad oil to your favorite consistency. It will thicken while in the fridge and will stay that way as long as it is kept chilled. sometimes we add spices and herbs to the mixture. Garlic peanut butter is awesome.

Take a can of fruit (or fresh fruit) such as peaches, drain off extra liquid, grind up and then spread. I usually pour the liquid in a glass and have a refreshing drink.

You can add other cultures to make swiss cheese and etc. But that means you have to wait for the cheese to age. We have variations on this too. … la-Cheese/

Mayo: add garlic for italian mayo. (You may want to pasteurize the eggs first by boiling them for 2 minutes.) Ours varies from this but that is the gist of it. … _a_minute/


Take the leftover whey from the cheese you make, stir in your cornmeal with your favorite spices/herb, and then boil the concoction till the corms becomes flowery like.

Wine and vinegar recipes not yet available.

Crazy dessert:

Take an ice cream maker that will hold about a gallon, add six cups or so of apple sauce (the original recipe used six large bananas that were frozen and re-thawed), three forths cup of light corn syrup and one plus  one half cups cream (evaporated milk will do in a pinch) . Mix till frozen or volume fills the ice cream container.  I gaurantee you it will, if you have a good one. Though mine is a Rival that I bought on sale for ten dollars at a local retail store that was discontining it.

Fettucine Alfredo: Take the cooked noodles and combine with the warm sauce. Give it time for everything to congeal. Then serve.

Pasta: (you may want to do this ahead of time and no pasta machine required) Take one egg, two teaspoons water, one teaspoon oil, one cup flour, a bit of salt  and combine. knead and add flour till you have a dough. Let rest in the fridge for an hour or so.  After letting the dough rest, start  the water (about a gallon) boiling for the pasta, the more water the better but use a large pot. Take the rested dough and add flour to the dough just enough so that is not sticky. roll the dough out till it is thin enough for your tastes. re-flour the dough again do it is not sticky. Roll up the dough like a cinnamon roll.  Take a knife and  cut the dough perpendicular so that when you unroll the dough, you have a bunch of long strips. When the water is boiling, throw in the pasta to cook for something under ten minutes.

Sauce: Take a skillet and pour in a cup of cream (evaporated milk will do in a pinch) take a cup of the cheese you made earlier,  one stick of butter, and generously add black pepper and garlic powder.  Heat until everything is just combined into one mixture.

That’s all for now. Next time wine/vinegar, poorman’s cheesecake, buscuits/gravy, and hotcakes