It always amazes me how people can make lemonade out of what most people would call lemons. There now is an orchestra of slightly dated computers. Some of those old machines had some pretty decent sound cards. Here is the computer music article about all fun. Even if the computers do not work anymore they may still have uses as this article talks about . Get an education here or here with your computer on-line.

I had my main desktop computer die on me. It was a home grown clone that finally died after probably eight years of service. Most everything in the unit is still working. I planned to take the working parts and distribute them to other machines or use them for spares. Ironically, the only part that was bad was the amd athlon cpu. I could get a used replacement part for about ten dollars from over seas. With the Chinese and US political arena heating up, I chose not to go that route. I may go by the old electronics store to see if I can find any goodies such as a spare motherboard for one of my extra spare intel cpu’s that will not fit on that old motherboard. I did find other much slower amd cpu in the parts bin. I installed it and the system was working again. Though I may use that system for something else rather than for my main desktop. I will probably use the dead cpu in an art project that has old cpu’s as an integral part. Great for an interesting wall picture and a bit of computer history. Old cpu’s with the top glued to a ruler of some length make great back scratchers and require no electrical power to operate!

We want a new computer so much. We have a few old machines to still go through first. After paying for a new roof to replace the one damaged by Hurricane Ike and a variety of taxes. The budget is zilch for a super long time. One can always dream. There seems to be a zillion new machines with different internal parts to ponder. It may be a good thing to wait. We did celebrate our our blessings with some open source recipe home made bread and soup.