Just a quick blurb. We just added a Mythbuntu (aka MythTV) server to our network at home. Yes server, because we have added thin clients that work just like the server for watching and listening to media. Just like you might use a ps3 or xbox 360. you can even use the thin clients as a real computer so the kids can do their homework or even play games. If you are a parent, here comes the fun part. now you do not have to have both a tv, game computer, regular computer and whatever else in a childs room. Money and space saver. The most important part is that use of the thin clients can be controlled by the server. You can control when the TV is used!!! like when homework is done or when the kids should be asleep. You could even disable all access if you wanted to. You can easily control websites that can be visited (i.e. myspace twiitter and whatever) and have a record of all sites at your fingertips that have been visited. Since everything is stored on the server, you have access to everything including the kids local email and personal files. You can even snoop in on what they are doing without ever going into the child’s area. Hopefully you will not need to do that. Since you are using thin clients, they are a fraction of the cost of full computers. Another money saver. My daughter is grown, so she (or was it me that) missed all the fun. Linux helps you everyday.