I think I may have mentioned a tool called Drbl which kind of works like ltsp. I installed on a spare server and was pleasantly surprised with it. Ltsp is a lot more polished and I would recommend it over Drbl in a user environment. Where Drbl excels at is in the tech environment. In combination with clonezilla you can easily image machines for backup for forensic purposes. or make an image to ge put on several machines. Let us say you have an office or a school lab with with up to 40 computers that have to look exactly alike. To insstall an operating system from scratch for 40 machines would take a while. with

Ddrbl/Clonezilla, you can send the same image to all machines in under two hours. What a time savings. I know we used to use a commercial product called Norton Enterprise Ghost that is very expensive to do the same exact thing. Drbl/Clonezilla is open source and you can not beat the price of free. Drbl has lots of other features but those are the the most interesting features for most people.

Wile researching Clusters I found that Redhat/Centos has simple tools for converting a server be part of a cluster. I was going to do everything from scratch on ubuntu servers.  I have decided to take the easy way out, But it will still be a week or two before I can get back into that. . I have not used RH/Centos in a while. time to go back for a bit. I need to go back and know to to set up serviceson that platform.

It is almost time to start a podcast  series now we have given you a taste of all the goodies for linux.  One thing I do want to mention that you do not have to do everything your self in linux. There are several companies that build computers with linux already  on them. We like to tinker alot and do things ourselves.  . Since I have not personally used any of these machines I am hesitant to suggest anyone in particular. We only have second had equipment. Now if some company were allow us to have a review or promotional system we would be happy to review it for the world.  Of the used name brand computers and equipment we have dealt with are Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Apple, Compaq, Cisco, and  Gateway All of thm have had thier pros and cons.