Things were busy on the busy side as business picked up. Well I built the hardware for the future web servers part of the cluster, but still need to put to put together the load balancers. Since there is about to be a lot of roofing done, computer projects will have to be put off till all that is done.

We experimented with Microsoft Windows 7 and were extremely disappointed. We will not bore you with the details except that it wastes 10 plus gigs of space on a hard drive without any application software installed at all. That may not sound like much. When you have to back up your computer, it will make a difference in time and additional space needed to host the backups.

Well this week we ditched our plans for a citrix server and converted our Microsoft Windows 2kas server to a linux server. it has been running better ever since. No more license fees (aka Microsoft tax) to pay either. Saving money without spending or having to lay people off. Are you listening Big Business?

Some quickie notes. Right now I am making a list of free educational software for linux. There is so much and I need to trim it down or the creme of the crop.  I should have that compiled and will blog about it soon. We also have created our first podcast and will probably host it on this site for the time being as soon as I make time to upload it. All for now.