I have have been looking at various websites for linux. The authors of those sites talk about how you need new software for this and that. That is great, but there are already a bunch of free fine programs to do the same thing. If the authors took the time to look to see what is available, there is no reason to purchase something new. Do not get me wrong, if there is something I really need and there is no substitute for it then there is cause to try the new product. I look at it this way, I need to go look in the closet to see what i have before I get a new piece of equipment. As I have talked about I went through the closet and found several items that could be modified to meet my needs. I probably saved close to five hundred to one thousand dollars in the last month by going into the closet and asked my self how can I use that item.
Sometimes it is hard to see the specifications for the computers I work on for people be so much faster than my own. But then I think to myself that this machine is not working right and mine is. Not only is mine working but it works better than the faster computer with the proprietary operating system. Oh well, their machine will be working better soon, but their pocket book will be a bit lighter.
In Europe, I am told that people will purchase item that will last a long time. That is probably why people purchase Mercedes Benz. The people of Europe will spend extra for something that will in the long run save them money. Now a days, at least as I far as I can see the us is a throw away society. We wonder why we have to have so many landfills. People do spend extra money on the so-called glitz, but never take the time to see what the long term benefits might be. The US customer has blindly fallen into the latest fad mentality. wasting money on new versions of the same items. Why?
You do need to treat yourself every once in way with something new and special. I would implore you to consider getting something that will have lasting value. When I get something out of the closet and re-purpose equipment, I get a gleam in my eyes not only from what does not make my wallet smaller, but the fact I now something almost new and special. More for taking care of the better half and family.