One of the most gratifying things in any technical field is to finally solve a problem that has challenged you for a while. That happened for me today. We had once system that did everything it could to freeze up and cause problems. I after months os searching for a software update for the bios, I ran into it accidentally wile researching something else. Apparently here in the United states the main board was sold under a different name than what little documentation I had said. With the new information I was able to find the software I needed to upgrade the main board. That system has not locked up since I upgraded it. Whoopee!  But who knows another issue might crop up to fix.
If you have worked on computers any amount of tiime you know that they need to be upgraded everyone once in a while. That in the past involved installing a bit of software and many reboots for when upgrading commercial operating systems. With linux, I can set at my desk and upgrade all the systems in the house without leaving my desk and doing what used to be called sneaker support. I did that tonight and did not have to reboot a single system. In fact the upgrades went so smoothly that on of the systems I was serving out music to other computers in the house. Everyone was able to listen to to music without a hiccup. That is what you call stable and I call easy.. Another whoopee!
Now it is time to fix a machine for a client that is full of viruses. (It’s not running linux.)
There was something Wlse I wanted to mention but, it escapes me for now. Please do not drink and drive, but do have a merry new year!