We bought two very inexpensive ar430w routers from frys for a few dollars each. granted they are not the edge of technology, but they will work fine for a while till the new technology comes down in price. Good cheap computer type xmas present. Of the two we bought I installed a firmware called dd-wrt (www.dd-wrt.com) witch makes the units tremendously more powerful to the level of commercial routers that cost hundreds of dollars. Thars gold in them thar hills!
I was also able to find another old thin client in the closet and fixed it so it could set to be used tin the student lab. There will be huge room in the closet for more personal stuff at the rate we am clearing things out.
This unit made up my mind to never buy another piece of technology unless I can improve it(or hack it) in some way. That includes tv’s, stereos, or whatever else comes out.

Happy Hollidays!