I went back in the closet again and found a couple of internet broad band phone adapters. I purchased them for ten dollars. That was a steal of a price from Fry’s.  At that time those kinds of  units sold for over a hundred dollars each.  People thought they were worthless because they only connected to one specific provider. They can be easily modified to not only work with any provider, but also work with an Asterisk (personal internet pbx) server. The software for the units are much better now. I plan to modify them after holidays. Patience has it’s rewards. I probably will redo the asterisk server with the latest software also to keep everything in sync. Also too everyone will have their own extension. No more fighting over the phone. It will also be easy to cut off phone privileges now. Technology can make parenting so much easier once in a while.

Update:   I alreaded updated the units for astrisk.. They are out of warranty anyway, so it does not matter.