I will probably talk a bit geeky for a while. Well our linux terminal server finally died. It was such a good machine. It earned its keep. My brother had given it to me when he became disgusted with all the virus and security issues he had by not using linux.I had to replace a few parts in it anyway. He wanted an excuse to get a brand new machine, so it worked out for both of us. The motherboard (the big flat part where everything plugs into) went flaky. So I took the hard drive (electronic warehouse where all the software and data was stored) out and put it in another machine that was given to me by a lady friend. The system booted (started) right up. I did have to update the bios (basic input output system where all the settings are for the parts inside) because I changed out the drive. Anyway the thin clients booted right up and our computer lab was in business within a matter of minutes. It is so easy to change hardware in linux without having to reinvent the wheel most of the time. Now we are preparing a funeral for the old machine, but that can wait till after the holidays as to not bring down the festive season.

We are preparing a batch of stuff to go to charity, to make room in the house.  I would rather someone put it to use than for it to sit idle. Time to get a few last minute things for the immediate family. Have a happy holiday!!