I decided to go through my equipment closet to see what I had. I found a thin client like the models i had just sitting there. I wondered why I left it in there and then I realized it would not do what is called pxe boot like the others. So I took the two others that did not seem to work right an d I swapped memory and something called firmware (built-in programs) to another unit that I thought was bad and viola it started  up perfectly. One free thin clients. of the two not in use, one i now know is dead. it will go to the true junk yard in case I might want to borrow some electronic parts off of it. the other one may go to another closet for units needing parts. Though it will also probably go to the junk yard for space purposes. Anyway whoopee an early xmas present!

That leads me to digress what kind of thin client might be good in a thin client network. Some of the newer g3 (new world) or better Apple Macintosh will work. Regular computers such as the Pentium or Celeron based desktop computers with at least 64 megabytes of ram can be converted to thick thin clients if they have the ability to startup or boot from the network. This is sometimes this is known as pxe booting. The ones that do not can usually be converted one way or another. You can use your garden variety thin client if it can pxe boot and has an advanced Intel Pentium processor (preferably i586 or better). There are a lot of cheap low end thin clients that definitely will not work. I have a couple that don’t that I have had to use just as a terminal client. or web browser that is we use it just to get on the net. It will not run any programs other than the ones built in. Anyway I am probably getting a bit technical here. If you go to a reputable computer dealer, just ask for a Intel based thin client that will pxe boot with at least 64 meg of memory. If you ran get a used one then you might be able to save some money. I understand sells some for under 200 dollars each but they do not advertise them. As for buying used ones off some of the internet sites, I recommend against it unless you really know what you are getting into. As I said out of six  Compaq Evo T30’s I bought, I was able to make four  and one half good ones. Virtually I was burned on two of the six of them. They were cheap but a dollar is a dollar.

Your better half will love you more if you can make your own present and save the family budget. Time to go back into the closet and see what else I get for the holidays scrounging things together.  Happy holidays!