I am still working on the ltsp blog but in the meantime, I would would like to give a bravo to the Cisco Linksys NSLU2 : (pictured below)

Here is a couple of old web pages it served. Be you own internet cloud with the desktop.

And then this is the old web page.

The pictures pretty much speak for themselves. The nslu2 or as it commonly known as the slug actually is running the programs that display what  in the web browser exactly like you are viewing this web page.  Just think what you can do with a full fledged computer/server. I wish someone at Cisco would take heed and start the little units back into production and for sale. If you would to like to learn more about the programs themselves such ans Drupal, Moodle, and how to set up a web server (aka lamp server) under linux please check out Linux Basement at http://www.linuxbasement.com.

I was getting the our old Dell blade server ready for the LTSP demo and decided to use it for something else. I want to try a cousin to LTSP called TCOS on it. I will talk about it later. So, I may end up using a newer system for the LTSP.