We are gettting more and more feedback about detailing some of the things we do. At this point I am looking at sites that have free space for podcasting. We have found one or two. I do not want to use up all the space I have here for podcasts. The podcasting equipment is setup and will be in production soon. We also still have to resolve some issues that befell us because of the last hurricane.. Once those are done I will feel more free to expand this project. Keep tuned in…


One thing about older equipment is that you really need to know your hardware.  I suggest that if you plan to do any of the crazy things I have done that you have a mentor standing by who can help you when you get frustrated or feel out of your league. Take a hardware course at a local college. Ask the students which instructor is best and most knowledgeable. You can also volunteer your time at a computer recycling center. As you build machines under their guidance, you will get the training you need. Some of the centers will give you a free pc for every so many machines you complete.