I was looking through the junk closet today and found an old gateway 2000 solo 2100 laptop that was given to me three or four years ago by a lady employee where I used to work. It is not much bigger than a netbook. The battery may still be in good shape. it has a 1 gig hd. 48 meg of ram and a whopping 120 megahertz of speed. I was told it was completely unusable by todays standards, Though it will run dsl linux, After a bios update, I was able to get the latest gnu/debian linux running on it like a charm and connect to the internet cloud wiithout a problem. So thanks to all the gnu/debian developers that made it possible. The money schools could save if they only knew.

In the meantime we gave the existing macs (including the imac) and other lagacy non-intel computers to charity after removing needed parts for other machines.  We are trying to support as few types of machines as possible now. Space is becoming a factor. We just do not have room for all the free machines we collect.

all for now…


That old gateway laptop died today. Oh well it was good for a week anyway….