In my last post I talked about programs that could be directly installed on your personal desktop computer. There are also programs that can be loaded and administered on a web server. You only have to load the software once, but anyone with the proper access can use these packages from anywhere without loading the software on their local machine. This gives you the advantage of being able to collaborate or work together on projects, centralized data, and less local support required. In a small business environment this can be critical for teamwork and quantifiable business results. There are major areas of these type of programs: Content management system. Custormer relations,  Educational software, and other business applications. Some of the software we are runnung on our test server includes Moodle – class presentations and student management, Nola – (used in teaching online accounting), Eyeos – (virtual desktop so students can take notes and create student reports from anywhere), SugarCRM – (teaching customer management), PHPbb – (forum for student interaction) , and Squirrelmail – (online email for students).







These pacakages and the software presented in the last blog are able to be used without spending a cent except for the time to install them,. I dare you to do that in the proprietary world. By the way , the server used to host these proigrams is a legacy Dell GX1 pentium II computer that I picked up for twenty dollars. Now I can get one of them for free. We have been using that server for over a year now. Even if that machine dies, you could not rent equipment for that price. With the economy being a bit more frugal now, that may not be so true. Till next time…