My latest favorite tool is using the internet to make free telephone calls. I would never give up my traditional phone in case I needed emergency services, but that might eventually change also. I do kind of laugh when I see the advertisements for telephone service for fifty or more dollars per month. if you already have a computer and internet access, all it takes is what i called a sip (session initiation protocol) phone (you can use a traditional phone with an extra interface box) or if you already have a microphone and a headset your almost set to go. Then all you have to do is download a free program and you are in business. I reluctantly do not want to recommend any particular program yet. You may want to join a service like Free world dialup to complete the setup. Gives you a internet based phone operator so to speak. Your favorite computer tech can help you with the details. We personally use a server as a pbx (automatic phone swtching system). This is neat because we can have dialable phone extensions with a separate answering machine for each line. With the computerized pbx will foward also my calls as part of emails so I can get my messages anywhere. That is just a small list of the features available. Now you can be your own telephone company so to speak. The pbx system can be a part of you computerized tv pvr that I talked about in an earlier blog. No addtional computers nedded. Computing is so wonderful.  Small business could pretty much get rid of their telephone systems and use the electronic pbx systems instead. The software is free. I hear of companies that pay up to thirty thousand dollars a month for their traditional phone system.  Another way to save a company money using Asterisk (premier computered telephone equipment) technology instead of the existing pbx. Take care.