I like it! The image along the top is cool!

-Chris   from http://www.jupiterbroadcasting.com


Just read all the posts on your blog. Personally, I think that your blog could help fill in an important part of our community. I’m interested in this “Offshore Education” effort that you are planning with classes. I know that I would consider taking some of those classes. But, I would love to learn from your experience. You are doing things with computers that I would love to do with old hardware. I would love to see some tutorials on your blog. Reviews of software or distros that you are using to keep old hardware working would be great too. Setting up and administering a LTSP install would be a terrific tutorial. On the web we have “How To Forge” which has some great tutorials, but they don’t have much geared at the “Keeping Old Hardware Alive” group. With each tutorial you could include the machine specs (just so we can see how old these machines are), distro choice, and purpose for the rededicated machine.

Just my thoughts, but I enjoy hearing about your projects, and your blog would be a great place to store your experiences and sharing them with others.

mowestusa from the site: http://thelinuxlink.net/forum/


Thanks for the kind words and I will see what we can do about the audio/videos. More info about the school is coming. We are trying to set up a dimdim server to have live online classes. We also want to use freenx or something similar, so coursework can be done on-line. Negotiations are going on with isps right now to work out a suitable solution. I also want to get a few additional instructors.  Expansion pains can be so much fun.