There are tons of open source software available for linux. You can run your computer into an office with OpenOffice which includes several programs such as Writer (electronic typewriter), Calc (electronic adding machine), Impress (electronic presentation program), and even Base (electronic file cabinet- not shown).  You can use the computer to record sounds and music with Audacity as sort of an electronic tape recorder.  You can use the computer as an artists easel with The Gimp. The Gimp will even use pictures from your electronic camera or camcorder. I used it to document damage from the Hurricane ike. One thing I really like is Qcad which is sort of a electronic drafting table. Qcad imports files from some of the leading cad programs.





The Gimp:


These are only a few of the thousands of programs available for open source. Of those, there are quite a few programs available especially in the area of education (more about those later). In fact we not only talk about this and other software but we use thise programs in our classes. We just wanted to wet your pallette a bit. I plan to present even more software as we go along. That’s all for now.