The biggest areas of possible growth for linux might be in small business where re-purposing legacy machines might be more valuable rather than having to purchase new systems. Big business could take the hint also to save it’s costs. Quite a few distros are now specifically supporting legacy machines. This is a great point to get across to business owners!! Microsoft is not supporting the older equipment for sure, except that they did extend the life of xp to next year in what they call a downgrade?? What an insult to users and is not customer service orientation. In my opinion, unless your wise enough to know what the Vista requirements really are, you are screwed. Linux and Bsd run so much better on the same machines anyway. I also noticed that MS is selling licenses for specific time periods now instead of selling a product outright. So in effect you are only renting their software. They are bullying you to keep paying the ms protection tax. Even though they have lowered the original price products, you will end up still paying the full price by having to pay future or yearly licensing fees. From the experience I have had, Microsoft does not have the kind of good support for me specifically that earns to right to get these fees. They take forever compared to the open source world with exceptions to solve bugs and eliminate security issues. Which makes me want to mention the hidden costs of Microsoft such as having to purchase spyware defenders, virus detection and other third party software to keep ms software decently usable. That does not even include the labor costs of time it takes to have to manage the third party software doing spyware scans, virus detection, updates of the third party software, and frequent re-installations of the os needed per the MS Tech society. The hidden costs also do not include the necessity to have to have beefier hardware to accommodate the software. No thanks, but I will stay with Linux and or some other open os. I still like to use freedos sometimes depending on the application. Reactos (Microsoft lookalike)could be come a real contender to Microsoft software if Reactos marketed its own software correctly.