No one one knows it all. Not everyone has an experienced or well trained computer mentor to help them at a moments notice. Even computer stores will charge you for support upwards of fifty to seventy-five dollars and hour. What is someone to do. In most major cities there are people who get together and talk about computers. They are usually specialize in some area. They usually have a yearly fee of under fifty dollars for the newsletters and to procure space for the group. Linux has special user groups called lugs(linux user groups).  One I like to attend is the Houson Linux user group at one time known as HLUG. Their website is One thing I really like about this group is they sometimes broadcast the meetings over the internet. Since I live quite a few miles away, It saves me a bit of gas and let’s me attend to things at home. They also put vidieos up of the more popular meetings so they can be viewed at anytime. The topics can be from beginners to advanced, but always varied. A simple web search can usually get you a listing of the usergroup near you. If you do not already belong to a group and even if you use Apple or Microsoft products there are user groups for them also.  Do yourself a favor and check one out so you can get the support you need.