We we have the equipment set up for doing the blog. At this time we are doing some story boarding so everything might go a bit smoother. We have one or two more of our favorite recipes for meals eaten while computing before we can add those to the blog. some fo the recipes include “peanut butter and jelly pasta”, “chicken alfredo pizza”, popcorn fritata. and other special recipes. Yummy!

A computer system is really a combination of several things .

1. Hardware (of course)

A. Input devices: keyboard, mouse, tablet, scanner, webcam, and etc

B.  Computer itself sometimes called the cpu unit does all the calucations, logic and control the devices connected to it.

C. Output devices: printer monitor, speakers, and etc

D. Storage (can do both input and output): Various kinds of disk drives and etc.

2. Software:

A. Operating systems: the computerized instructions that control how you computer works. (i.e. linux, bsd, and etc.)

B. Application programs: the computerized istructions that allow you to take advantage of the computer such as writing letters, balancing your checkbook, and even allowing you to access the internet.(i.e. openoffice, gnucash, firefox and etc.

3. People: all the individuals that will either benefit from the computer system or support it so that it works as expected. I will not get into details now;

4. Documentation: these are the human instructions on how to use and or support the computer system.

A. Operating system manuals: listings of commands and procedures for managing the computer system.

B. Application software manuals: tutorials and etc on how to use openoffice, gnucash, firerfox and etc.

5.  Data: (the reason for having the computer system) These are the facts that are entered into the computer for storage and computation.  Data can be everything from accounting figures, music art, letters or correspondence,and anything you would want to feed into the system to create information or results that are of benefit to you.

Anyway this quick list is just the tip of the iceberg of what a system can be about and a just a few buzz words.  Enough for now.