I really could not come up with a title for this post. It really disappoints me that our country could be in better shape. I’m sure many schools and business are looking for ways to save money. I would hope maybe the management of those institutions might concider open source solutions for their computing needs. Even a small entity with 100 computers could save as much as 100  stations times 300 dollars for each unneeded proprietary license would save a minimum of 30,000 dollars per year off the bat. Not only that since open source software  works fine on most new and legacy equipment, expect to save 100 computers times 500 dollars for unneeded new computers to run the latest proprietary software at 50,000 dollars. Almost 100,000 dollars saving the first year alone.  This does not remove the normal cost of repair and maintenance. Of course there are other factors to consider. Food for thought.

Where I used to work they would send hundreds of good working machines to be sold at auction for minimal dollars. then those machines would be replaced with systems costing 1000 -2000 dollars. The management then could not explain now to trim the budget.  Most of the people using the machines were just surfing the internet and doing light work in office applications. The new machines were overkill. if the old machines could have been converted to open source. the school could of saved thousands if not millions of dollars. Schools around the world have already seen the light and have converted or are going to open source with proper planning

Our it hardware and budget is under 100 dollars per year since converting to open source. How many small companies can say that. I will admit that I just splurged and bought a used 64 bit laptop for 150 dollars.  I have been getting some free legacy desktops here and there, but I have not really gone out scrounging for them recently. Of the last two, I turned one into a pvr and the other into a test telephone pbx system. I did buy a couple of refurbished name brand web cams for 15 dolalrs each from a local nationally based retailer. They work great. I could not see getting the ones for 100 dollars each for the small difference in utility. I may start letting go of the old stuff just to have more storage. I stripped my old apple g3 towers for parts that I could use in more powerful machines. The carcasses will be in the dump soon. Anyway, it is time to hit the sack for the day. take care.