I saw a basic demo of MS Windows and how it is supposed to work on a computer that is not that powerful by today’s standards for the newest computers. The point being that you could use MS Windows 7 on older equipment. Microsoft wanted to get across the point that their software was not as bloated as most computer professionals believe it is. They installed it on a system that would store the equivalent of what is written on 125,000 pieces of paper. For a computer that is not really that much. So we went to work and took software easily available and were able to do the same thing only taking less than 720 written pages and then do it better. That is quite a big difference between 720 and 125,000 pages. Another way to put it would be to say it took them over 200 floppy disks and it took us only only one floppy. The technology we were using has been around for years. Microsoft asks us “Where do we want to go today?” Funny, we have already been where MS has not even been yet.

If you had a choice to deal with 200 floppy disks or just one, Which system would you pick? If it were me and it did the job I would take the one with the one floppy. There is obviously more to it than that, but on the surface it looks like Microsoft Window 7 does not cut it with me. Every situation ifs different and you have to judge each situation for your self. There is no one correct answer,

Now for some positive. comments. In a recent blog, I said :Don’t throw away that old computer!” Starting in the net several blogs, you will find out why. Enough for now. Later!