Offshore Educators – Classes
If you would like to know more about what we do, we now have clases. Send us some comments you might have.

Offshore Educators: Classes



Class Code Class Title Class Descripton
A1001 Introduction to Bookkeeping Terminology and Basics
A1002 Introduction to Bookkeeping 2 Sole Proprietorships
A2001 Intermediate Bookkeeping 1 Partnerships
A2002 Intermediate Bookkeeping 2 Other entities
M1001 Management Tools 1 Budgets
M2001 Management Tools 2 Business Plans
M3001 Management Tools 3 Other Subjects

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Class Code Class Title Class Descripton
C1001 Introduction to Computing 1 Terminology and Basics
C1002 Introduction to Computing 2 Operating Systems Overview
C1003 Introduction to Computing 3 Application Software Overview
O2001 Open Office Applications 1 Open Office Word Processing
O2002 Office Applications 2 Open Office Database
O2003 Office Applications 3 Open Office Spreadsheet
O2004 Office Applications 4 Other Application Software
S2001 Operating Systems 1 System Management
S2002 Operating Systems 2 Software Installations
S3001 Operating Sysems 3 Networking
S3002 Operating Systems 4 Web (Lamp) Servers
S3003 Operating Systems 5 Terminal Servers
S3004 Operating Sysems 6 Other Servers
P1001 Programing 1 Structure and logic
P2001 Programing 2 Introduction to Languages
P3001 Programing 3 Programing Projects

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