It amazes me what you can do if you want to be a little geeky.  We were going out to see about getting a box that was pretty much going to be like a tivo or system that will serve out pictures, home movies, and our folk group’s music.  They seem to be hundreds of dollars before even getting a device to store everyting.  I happened to stop by the local user group meeting place and was lucky enough to pick up a decent unwanted computer for free.  With a few dollars in spare parts, it was up and running again. We installed an operating system known as Mythbuntu. Contact me if you want the details on how to set this up. We now have a  media center system that would of cost hundreds of dollars otherwise.  Now the tv can show our home movies. listen to our own favorite music, and even have a slideshow from a recent vacation. It even works great with our cable provider. I like to record when possible, educational show for the little ones.   The smile on a child’s face when they have learned something is priceless.