I am in the process of preparing the the next blog, but I have not polished it yet.  In the meantime.

A bit of news:

The life of windows xp has been extended for umpc’s “ultra mobile personal computer” and Microsoft has decided to support xp for all users a bit longer. Sale of xp for other machines could end at almost anytime.  If you have a vehicle that can transport your computer, I would think that it is as mobile as any other computer.  Since I use linux, it is a moot point anyway.

On July 4, 2008 a whole town will be converted to linux at least temporarily. I think the name of the town is called Felton, California.  The event will be called LINdependence day 2008.  It should be covered by several news agencies such as National Public Radio I am told. You can google the web for more details.

http://www.thelinuxlink.net is a good location for podcasts about linux. There is even one or two people converting from mac or windows.

Till next time……