Having been a computer technician over the years, I have collected a bit or two of equipment. I have no preference, I will use whatever software and hardware a client wants to use. So I have shared interest between the propriety and open source. Most of the free equipment I have acquired has been from users feeling the need to upgrade to the latest software from that company in Redmond, Washington and new equipment needed to run that software. More power to them. In some instances where the user fell their old equipment was worthless, I was happy to take it off their hands. Who am I to argue?

A lot of the equipment has made it into our school’s computer lab. two of the three monitors shown in the picture above are part of those acquisitions. In fact, the lab started out with 4 thin clients, server( running redhat fedora k12ltsp), printer, 5 monitors and other ancillary equipment. I was able to put everything together for under $300. I dare you to go into a computer store and come out with that kind of deal. Which is the point of the blog. You can do more with less. I have no qualms with new equipment. I want a new laptop myself.

Let me say that again the equivalent of 5 systems for a total of under $3oo. The four thin clients (computers with out all the extras), a server running fedora linux that provides all the software needs of the thin clients. Only the server has the software that ever needs to be installed. Free software updates and no license fees required because we are using open source software. You can browse the net, do word processing, play educational games, and run quite a bit of other programs.

That is enough for now. We will talk with you later,