In all me years in computing, it was always easy to get reviews of new computer hardware and software before they were really had a chance to be tweaked and used a bit. I would like to put in my two bits and talk about seasoned computer hardware and software with other subjects thrown in on occasion.

Let me tell you a two bits about myself. I am lucky enough to have a very special 27 year old daughter. She is beautiful and intelligent like her mother. We are in the process of starting our own private tech school. Yes, I know there is one on every corner. Ours will be better. I spent almost twenty years in the junior college environment as both an instructor and a information technology specialist. Our modest home is like a computer museum in the office area. A real geeks heaven. Having all these toys gives me an edge on what anyone can do with seasoned equipment (aka as clunkers, well not really). I hope I can share some experiences that will make your life better and save you money!!

Last of all, I do invite feedback and comments. I hope you enjoy the blog.