Companies like Microsoft are now realizing that we as users are more budget conscious and are not willing to spend the extra bucks on expensive new home computers. Microsoft has decided to not make the not so loved Windows XP Home Edition extinct as of June this year, but extending it to year 2010. I would have preferred they did that for the Microsoft Windows XP Pro instead or also. Windows Vista will not run properly if at all on traditional pc’s. Feel locked in a corner? I know people who recently purchased brand new systems with Windows XP Pro. They feel really shafted.

Fortunately if you are open to new alternatives there is a better way. There is a movement around the world to use open source operating systems. You may have heard of Unix from the computer geeks where work. There is now a very user friendly system that can be loaded onto your computer and the software is distributed for free. In fact, is has become a real revolution in the computing industry. There are even many flavors that you can choose from. It is called GNU/Linux. It has a cousin called BSD which is very good also. I am not saying it is the best or you should move to it, but it is definitely something to consider so that you may save from have to buying a new computer these coming hard times. I have not had to purchase a new computer system in a few years now. I can do pretty much what Microsoft software can do.

I needed a laptop to run around with. One of the people I worked with had an old compaq (pentium I) laptop that by today’s standards would be worthless. She gave it to me to have for a favor that I did for her. I did some upgrading of it for thirty dollars or so in parts. Instead of putting Microsoft Windows on it I opted to install a flavor of GNU/Linux called Debian. I also added applications to do accounting, office (wordprocessing and spreadsheet), and other programs. All of which was all free. Now I take the laptop with me everywhere. Should something happen to it, I am out under 50 dollars compared to a brand new laptop costing near one thousand dollars.

At our house, we are pretty all much are GNU/Linux users now. One thing I really like about GNU/Linux is not having to so much worry about viruses and spyware per se. I remember how much time I use to have to deal with all that. It is not worth it. Now friends are asking me to replace there Windows Microsoft systems with GNU/Linux. They are ecstatic not to have to purchase a new computer yet and everything works better on their computer now. You can even get brand new systems with Gnu/Linux on them now.

Time to go again, but see you soon with more details!